OPHERA Talks initiative:

a series of videos from four protagonists project's and their experiences in conservasion of cultural heritage


Conservation on Earthern Heritage by Telma Ribeiro

Since Telma studies Conservation of of Earthen Heritage, in the video she explains earthen construction, the importance of  this type of heritage and the last developments in terms of conservation.


Idroscalo Ivo Monti by Eleonora Socci

Eleonora shows us the different levels of intervention for the recovery of Idroscalo Ivo Monti, in Puglia, an example of military architecture in decay. Among the interventions, she explains, we have: conservative restoration, integration and legitimation of the ruins.


Six Historic Houses in search of an author by Stefania Pignatelli

Stefania presents the project "Six Historic Houses in search of an author", inspired by the famous drama of the italian writer, Luigi Pirandello. The Houses she refers to have been affected by the earthquakes of 2016 and are are in the process of restoration or are waiting for the finalization of the architectural projects. These Cultural Heritage sites are very interesting to be experienced on video and live, during the restorations as they show visitors the bare architectural potentials, new crafts techniques and old mastery.

3D Virtual Tour for Cultural Heritage by Carlo Ottaviani